Scotland: Glasgow & Edinburgh

Baby’s First Take

~The Lowlands, Scotland, UK

“Skip Glasgow.” Everyone says this. Almost everyone.

“It’s ugly.” “It’s dirty.” “It’s just a basic, boring place.” These are examples that characterize various views expressed to me over time on Scotland’s biggest city. They come from visitors to and former-residents of Glasgow alike. They are not everyone.

It seemed unfair to skip it entirely. There has to be an appeal, an angle. And I think maybe one time, one person told me they didn’t hate it. So there.

A Standard Affair

Naturally, I was tired from the train ride (which was excellent and fast) and the freaky-deaky daylight hours (which extend well into what any sane person would consider the dead of night), so I missed a lot of the daytime activities, but it seemed like a fair amount was going on for an early summer afternoon.

Later, I noticed a lot of late-night options for eating, which might tell you something about the local flair. I tried Taco Bell for the very first time. Sorry.

There was nothing off the bat that suggested anything I had heard about this place was untrue. It seemed to be a fairly built-up area, with lots of signs of old industry, not unlike a lot of big-ish US cities that characterize the Midwest and Great Lakes Regions. It’s main river (the Clyde) reminded me of Dublin’s Liffey. I marked a couple of nice and interesting-looking restaurants for next time. That was it for me, though.

I didn’t hate it. I may have missed something(s).

Good old boy Clyde.

Edinburgh, which more people recommend, happened the next day, after a cute and zippy train ride. Instantly there was more appeal. Stepping out of the main station, you are quickly granted the same Beaux-Arts/Roman/Classical styles that characterize many European cities, and, to a lesser extent, Glasgow, but there is a more dramatic and beautiful topography to compliment the setting with a view.

Appeal ? More of it.

I’ll come back tomorrow to look for more, but for now, it’s on the train again to St. Andrews and the ocean. Gotta get that vitamin sea. (Sorry again.) And maybe a nap.


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