Travel Chronicles

Aloha or Die

~Oahu Probably almost everyone in the US knows aloha. When you say, what is aloha, everyone knows it means “hello” in Hawaiian. It’s Hawaiian for “hello”. Some really sharp tools will add, “and goodbye,” to that little synopsis. As a bonus. It means “hello” and “goodbye.” So, if you know me at all by now, … Continue reading Aloha or Die

The Jungle

Offshore and On Reserve ~Oahu The Hawaiian Islands and the New York Metro are both meeting places. They are well-established intersections of culture and commerce, and have been for several hundred years. As a result, their respective histories resemble rich mosaics of human experience, and for anyone who is of an otherworldly interest, there is … Continue reading The Jungle

My Brave New World

On Building Again ~New York So, it’s been a while since anything was posted. It’s not that things haven’t been on a roll since last summer. I got to spend some time in Brazil and the West Bank and reacquaint myself with some wonderful, welcoming, big-picture people and places. Really top notch stuff for me. … Continue reading My Brave New World

Britain’s Own

Unto Itself ~Oxford, UK I’m irritated at myself after a weeks-long trip through Britain. This is usually an indicator that I really liked a place for reasons that I could not have fathomed beforehand. It betrays a specific kind of ignorance that haunts me constantly. In almost a month, Scotland is largely responsible for moving … Continue reading Britain’s Own


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About Trips

Observation is the most valuable byproduct of travel. The trouble lies in distilling it in the appropriate context. Removing your implicit bias is impossible–so don’t beat yourself up too hard. It’s the recognition of the bias after the fact that creates space for growth and understanding. Writing is my attempt to pin some of this stuff down while it’s fresh. So many details can go unnoticed, and we’re inclined as humans to see what we want to see, and forget what we want to forget.

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